To Blog or Not To Blog

Honestly, I wasn't sure if I was going to do this. I mean, me? A blog?

What would I write about? What earth shattering tips or insight could I share with

the world that haven't been shared already?

Short answer: You probably won't find mind-altering tips or exquisite prose here,

but you will find that I speak from the heart and hopefully that will be enough.

Happy Reading!


Tea Anyone? Tropes are Fun, But I'm Tired of These...

Okay, you probably thought I was going to talk about how I'm tired of seeing the love triangle or reading about how the 16 year-old finds out they suddenly have powers. Sorry! Wrote that, haha! No, this blog isn't about that. It's a list of the Black television and film tropes that I am tired of watching. I wrote this list in response to an editor's inquiry, maybe a year or two ago, who asked why I didn't go down a particular path with my own book. One good thing I can say